"Be Great"

Have a little faith; take a change, dont be so afraid. These are the small hours, the little moments that take your breath away. Life will remain, so Live, Laugh, & Love. Toni & Izzy

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome to the Bubala Bunch Blog!

Izzy & Mommy at the Zoo

Zoo Giraffe

Izzy at The Chinese Festival

Izzy at The Chinese Festival
Izzy with her Chinese Fan

Izzy stand by a Bonsai tree

Izzy fan it reads Faith, Love, & Honor

Music of Chinese Dancer

Izzy 2nd Birthday Party

This is Izzy having her 2 year old birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza. She had all her family who love her very much. Izzy ate lots of pizza, played games, and rode the merry go-round with her cousins . Izzy got lots of presents from all family and she is very thankful for.

Izzy 2nd B-day

Izzy 2nd B-day
Izzy & Mommy singing happy birthday !

Izzy opening presents, eating cake, and having fun

Izzy & Grandpa opening presents

Izzy & Grandpa Triana playing skee ball

Izzy riding merry go-round with cousins

My cousins Jessica

My cousins Jayda

My uncle Mike & Enlai